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static get(url, subfolderopt, userAgentVersionopt, portopt, updateIntervalopt) → {DuRSSChannel|null}

Gets the RSS content from a feed url, and returns it as a JS object.
DuRSS uses a cache system and gets the content online only if more time than a given interval has passed, otherwise it gets the contents from cache.
Name Type Attributes Default Description
url string The url of the server.
subfolder string <optional>
'feed' The subdirectory of the feed (without a leading '/')
userAgentVersion string <optional>
'DUAEF/0.0.0' Your script version name and number to be used as a user agent to connect to the server
port int <optional>
80 The server port.
updateInterval float <optional>
3600 The minimum interval between two updates of the feed (in seconds).
DuRSSChannel | null - The content of the RSS feed