Animation Blender


static getAnimMarkers(compopt)

Gets the marker property used to define animations.
This method will create a layer to receive markers on AE < 14.0
Because there were no scripting method to manage comp markers back then.
Name Type Attributes Description
comp CompItem <optional>
The comp

static getBlendedComp(controlleropt) → {CompItem|null}

Gets the blended composition from the (selected) controller
Name Type Attributes Description
controller AVLayer <optional>
The blender controller
CompItem | null - The blended composition, null if not found.

static setup(setupComp, controlComp, selectedPropertiesopt)

Creates a blender controller in the control composition, and sets all the properties of the setup comp up.
Name Type Attributes Default Description
setupComp CompItem The comp
controlComp CompItem The comp where to create the blender controller
selectedProperties boolean <optional>
false true to set only the selected properties up. When false, sets all animated (without expression) properties up.