Wonderunit Storyboarder interchange tools


static import(file, overlayInfoopt, precompShotsopt) → {int}

Imports a .storyboard file with all boards
Name Type Attributes Default Description
file File The .storyboard file to import. Boards as png files must be in an 'images' subfolder
overlayInfo boolean <optional>
false True to display text information on top of the image, false to display it under the image
precompShots boolean <optional>
true True to precompose the layers and boards for each shots
int - Error code: -2: invalid file or data,
-1: images not found or invalid,
0: no board to import in the file,
1: ok

static loadStoryboard(file) → {WUStoryboard|null}

Loads a Storyboarder file
Name Type Description
file File The .storyboarder JSON file
WUStoryboard | null - The storyboard or null if the file could not be parsed or opened