Informations about the version of an application.
The version is in the form: Major.Minor.Patch#Build. Example: 17.0.0x557 or 17.0.0-Alpha1 or 17.4
The only required part is the Major version.

new DuVersion(versionopt)

Constructs a new version object
Name Type Attributes Default Description
version string <optional>
'1.0.0' The version in the form Major.Minor.Patch
Name Type Description
fullVersion string The complete version name
versionString string The Major.Minor part as a string
version float The Major.Minor part as a float
major int
minor int
patch int
build int The build is -1 if it cannot be parsed as an int, like "alpha".
buildString string The build as a string


isHigherThan(otherVersion) → {bool}

Checks if this version is higher than another.
Name Type Description
otherVersion DuVersion | string The version to compare with.
bool - true if this version is more recent than otherVersion