For use with DuAEF.DuScriptUI.
A Form.
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuAEF.DuScriptUI.addForm to create a Form.
The Form inherits the Group object from ScriptUI and has all of its properties and methods.

new Form()

Name Type Description
labels Group The left vertical group
buttons Group The right vertical group


static addField(label, type, valueopt, helpTipopt) → {Array.<ScriptUI>}

Adds a field to the form example: form.addField('Composition:','dropdownlist',['Composition1','Composition2'],'Select a composition')
Name Type Attributes Description
label string The label text.
type string The type of ScriptUI object to add (like 'button','edittext', etc.).
value object <optional>
The default value or content of the field added, depends on the type.
helpTip string <optional>
The helpTip of the form control.
Array.<ScriptUI> - An array with at 0 the StaticText label, and at 1 the ScriptUI object of the type type, added to the form